Welcome dear visitor.
While the site is looking to the past, I am looking to the future.

But it will give you a view on the experiences I was lucky to gather over the years.
As if a long list of directing projects and concertshoots means I’ve learned something over the years… well, it could be.

Le site est en anglais, mais je parle aussi francais, et vous pouvez me contacter en Français.
Meine website ist in Englisch aber Sie können mich auf Deutsch kontaktieren.
Mi sitio web está en inglés pero puedes contactarme en español.

I started multicam directing in 1989 for screens in clubs, on concerts and festivals in Belgium and evolved into concertshoots for tv, streaming, dvd and pod worldwide (2D, 3D, HD, 4K, UHD, HDR, …),
I also became a creative director for ESC and on rocktours, creating visuals for screens, directing and creating concepts for livestreams of edm festivals and DJ’s all around the world, directing music video’s and live TV and award shows.
In numbers :
Directing from 1989 on, about 6000 concerts, 150 dvd’s, more than 1 biljon views online.
In words :
I am a translater. I can translate music, emotions, identity and experiences into magical images that will last, images that touch, make us dream and give us hope.
I tell stories, the stories you create, and the stories people on all these events and concerts show us in front of the camera’s, on stage, and in front of the stage.
I try to create a unique style for every event, giving your project an identity in images, wich makes the stories and the messages strong and lasting.
We are sending messages into this beautiful crazy world. Beautiful messages that will help us create beautiful memories for the years to come, for many many people from all around the world, surrounded by their friends and loved ones in front of a stage or in front of a computer or device.

Some people hear music when they see beautiful images, I see images when I hear beautiful music.

There is no showreel, a showreel is misleading, it is easy to make a wonderful showreel of a variety of very bad concertshoots…

Please take your time to enjoy a couple of minutes of a concertshoot to really appreciate and dive into the experience.

Peace & cookies,

Hans Pannecoucke – Pancake